virtual staging for real estate

What is Virtual Staging for Real Estate?

Virtual Staging involves digitally staging an apartment in a graphic editor.
  • Reduce lead-to-lease cycle by up to 75%
  • Capture more renters attention, increase conversion rates
  • Get rid of that cold empty feeling, using the power of visualization
  • Select furniture from our catalog or have our designer select for you
  • Stage the unit to suit the apartment home
  • Add shadows and finishing touches for a realistic feel

What sets Generation Marketing's Virtual Staging for Real Estate Services apart from the rest.

Superior Designers

Our designers are specialists in the art of digitally staging an apartment home. We use our full suite of 3D modelling software tools to ensure shadows flow properly and that your furniture matches the space.

Sell the Potential!

Photos of empty apartment homes make it tough to engage prospects online. In this sales cycle, it is important to sell the potential of the units you’re advertising. If prospects don’t see the potential immediately, they won’t take the next step to see it in person, and they’ll move on to the next option that makes the choice easier for them.

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